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From the mid-nineteenth century, gentlemen's clubs were established in Australian colonies to provide a socially exclusive meeting place in the English tradition for prominent gentlemen and their peers. In 1909 the land for the Geraldton Club was purchased and soon after the remaining portion of lot 4 was bought giving the members laneway access for their stock and trade vehicles. 

It was a meeting place for gentlemen to mingle, discuss work and stories, play cards, billiards, there was a butler with silver service with a grass tennis court backing onto the ocean. During the war the elite service men were invited to use the tennis courts and join the members for refreshments. 

In the 1960's Foreshore Drive was built providing road access between the ocean and the buildings. This was a business deal between the Geraldton City and the Club as the tennis court was in the path of the proposed Foreshore Drive. In compensation of losing the tennis court, the club refurbished the building with the funds from the City and built 2 squash courts in it's place which still remain. 

In 1998 the first female member was accepted and now the club is a vibrant multi user venue while keeping its historical values. 

"Julie and her staff were so helpful and we were absolutely delighted in our venue for our special day. A BIG Thank you!"

"We love open mic nights and the best is that the club supplies all of the set up. All I need to bring is my guitar"...Al. 

"We love the after work nibbles on a Friday night. Julie & Chris really looks after us so no need for dinner... quite often"...Paul

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